Beach Gold Assay Will Be Closed for Renovations and Improvements from Friday August 26nd through Friday September 2nd.  We are working to bring you even better service and will be reopening at 10 AM on Saturday, September 3rd.  We look forward to seeing you!  We will be worth the wait!

Gold and Silver are up even more now! Now paying even more!

Gold and Silver are up!  As of this writing, gold was at 1327 per ounce and silver is at 18.20!  The higher it goes, the more we pay.  Come on in to sell your gold and silver items!  We are the gold buyer paying the most in this area!

Gold is going up! And we’re paying more!

Gold is now up almost 250$ an ounce since the beginning of the year!  Silver is doing great too!  We love being able to pay more for precious metals when you are ready to sell.  Some of the payouts recently have been causing us to doubletake since gold has been moving up, all of what […]

Wishing you a safe an enjoyable Memorial Day.  Special thanks to all of our Men and Women in uniform!

Beach Gold Assay will be closing at 1pm on Saturday and closed all day on Monday in observance of Memorial Day.  We’ll be back to serve you on Tuesday!  Stay Safe!

JMBullion Lists Us As A Gold Buyer

Just throwing this out there – JMBullion lists us as a local Virginia Beach Gold Buyer!  Thanks!



3125 Troy Ounce Gold Canadian Coin – CHECK IT OUT!

Wow – Check out this crazy 100 Kilogram .99999 Fine Gold Coin.  Melt value @ gold 1230 is over 3.8 million dollars, not to mention the rarity of it being just 1 of 5 in existance.  Cool stuff!

We Buy And Sell Gold And Silver Coins!

One of the major parts of our business is the purchasing and selling of gold and silver coins.  And it is probably our favorite part of the business.  Foreign or Domesitc.  Good condition or bad.  Graded / Certified or “raw”.    We pay strongly for gold and silver coins, and we look at them from […]

Gold is doing well in 2016!

Gold has come up very nicely this year so far!  As of this writing Gold is trading in the low 1200’s per ounce – which is up just over 120$ an ounce in just the last 30 days.  So of course this is reflected in what we pay!  We are paying more for your any […]

Announcing our Rare Coins Cheat Sheet!

Here at Beach Gold Assay, we get phone calls all the time about rare coins that we buy.  Well, we have started the process of creating a small cheat sheet – that should help you in your research.  Please see the new page here!  This page will always be a living document that will be […]


Selling your Gold is Fun!

Now that we are past the most recent winter weather if you are like us you are looking to get out of the house.  Well we are here for you if you have any gold or silver you are looking to sell.  Come down and see us!