We Buy Coins

Coins are a passion of ours! We Buy Coins!

Beach Gold Assay is a dealer in rare and precious metal coins.  Certified (NGC, PCGS) or raw, we evaluate them all.  We have learned a lot over the many years we have been doing this, and have the knowledge to quickly identify your items and give offer you a fair price if you wish to sell.  We offer a no pressure selling environment.  One of our passions in this business are coins, and we will happily sit with you and go through what you have, any collection big or small.

We buy:

  • Gold Coins
  • Silver Coinage
    • Pre – 1965 Quarters, Half Dollars and Dimes (90% Silver)
    • 1965-1969 Half Dollars (40% Silver)
    • War Nickels 1943-1945 (35% Silver)
    • We check older coinage for rarity as well as silver values.
  • Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars
    • We check for rarity on ALL silver dollars.
  • Certified / Graded Coins and Bullion
  • Liberty and Indian Head Gold Dollars
    • 1$ – 20$ (Gold dollars to Double Eagles)
  • American Gold and Silver Eagles and Buffalo’s
    • All Standard Bullion
    • Proofs and Proof Sets
  • US Mint Products
    • Mint Sets, Proof sets, Mint Certified proofs.
  • Foreign Bullion (Gold Silver Platinum)
    • Canada: Maple Leafs, etc.
    • South Africa: Krugerrand, etc.
    • China: Pandas, etc.
    • UK: Sovereigns, etc.
    • Austria: Philharmonics, etc.
    • And the list goes on, we buy all bullion!
  • Rare and Error Coinage
    • Pennies from 1800s and prior
    • Large Cents
    • 2 Cent / 3 cent nickels
    • Graded / Certified items
  • Not Sure?  Stop by with your item and we will happily identify it for free with no pressure to sell!

We love going through collections big and small, its what we do.  Sell or no sell, we are here to educate and inform you. We have all of the resources to quickly identify your items!  We love helping people and making sure they know what they have!  Here are some other things we buy:   What else do we buy?

We buy silver dollars, coins, dimes, quarters, and halfs!