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We also sell gold and silver bullion and coins at very competitive rates.  Buying bullion is one of the best ways to invest in precious metals.  You are purchasing the metal in its purest form, and when selling it buyers will sometimes pay premiums for bullion.

Bullion comes in many forms, Coins, Bars, Art Bars, Ingots, and more.  It is important to buy bullion that has been stamped as to the purity.  If it has not been stamped as such, there is no way to tell the exact purity without it being melted, resulting in buyers paying less for taking more risk.

We can get Gold 1 Ounce Bars for a small amount over spot – partial ounces are also available.

We can get Silver 1 Ounce Rounds, 10 ounce and 100 ounce bars.  We work with a world wide Assay and Refinery, and this bullion is some of the best that is available.

We also get many other products in randomly, so if you would like to know when something new comes in, simply email us and ask to be added to the alert list.

Click https://beachgoldassay.com/contact-us/ to email us or call us at 757-227-6767 for availability.