What is it like to sell gold to Beach Gold Assay?

We want to provide you the outline of our process of buying gold.  We strive to make it fun, easy, fruitful and educational.

Our store.

First you will be invited to sit down at one of our buying desks, where we can closely examine all of your items right in front of you.  Your items will never be taken out of your sight.  

Easiest way to sell your gold and silver!
Our Buying Desks.

We then look at each item individually, evaluate it for recycle or resale, and group it by karat.  Items will be weighed and tested for purity, and diamonds will be tested.  We will be explaining everything we do as we are doing it.  The testing is done right in front of you, and the results are immediate.  Testing is done with electronic tools and the good old fashioned acid test.

Once all of your items have been verified you will be made an on offer on the spot for immediate payment.  There is never any pressure to sell, we would prefer you not sell to us if you are not completely comfortable with what we are offering.  The amount of time that it takes depends mostly on how many items you have and there usually is no wait when you come in.  For example if you had just one item the process can take as little as 5 minutes or as long as you need to make sure all of your questions have been answered.  The goal for us for you to make an informed decision regardless of whether you sell with us.