Selling Gold is Easy!

Selling gold is easy Virginia Beach and surrounding areas!  We walk you through, explaining each step in detail as we do it.  No need to feel intimidated – there are no stupid questions, and we love discussing gold.  We will answer as many questions that you have – our goal is to make you feel comfortable during the entire process.

Step 1: Arrive, and present what you are interested in selling. Each piece will be evaluated, grouped by metal type and weighed.  In some cases, we can pay more than just the metal value of the piece.  Any testing that is required will be done immediately with your permission, and in front of you.

Selling Gold Is Easy

Step 2: We will present an offer for each metal type (or even specific pieces if you wish) for immediate on the spot payment.

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 Step 3: Enjoy the rest of the day!

Beach Gold Assay Pays More and Fast - Selling Gold Is Easy

At Beach Gold Assay, there is absolutely no pressure to sell.  The last thing we would even want is you to have a reget when selling.  So please rest assured we make the process easy, pressure free and fun.


 We are here to serve Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and Norfolk and Surrounding Areas!  Selling is very easy!  Contact us now – 757-227-6767.  We are here to serve you.  We love our customers and we love this business!