Gold and other precious metals are still rising!

Because of the recent geopolitical landscape and fears of inflation, gold and silver have been steadily rising. We have to doubletake some of the offers we are making, because they have never been so high. Feel free to come in and get a quote today! Check the latest gold prices at

The war in the Ukraine has caused fears of global stock market volatility and has increased the desire for safe haven assets such as gold and silver. This has happened in the paper (Exchange traded funds backed by precious metals) and in the physical market and has caused the spot price and premiums to increase.

In addition to this and actually starting before the war, fears of inflation that have come to realization have caused the dollar to lose value and have caused an increase in the spot price of the precious metals. There has now been documented inflation, and while the precious metal spot market has been volatile, its general direction has been up.

As a gold buyer this means we are now paying more than ever before for any precious metal items you may have – jewelry, coins, bullion, sterling. We have seen gold as low as $1050 an ounce in our almost 9 years of business, so our payouts have increased dramatically as a result. In any case – we are here to serve you, and look forward to working with you soon!

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