Beach Gold Assay will be closing early Monday January 16th.  We will be open from 10AM – 3PM.  We will be open on Tuesday from 10 AM to 5PM.  Thanks!

US Mint 225 Anniversary Gold Coin – Features Liberty as an African American Woman!

Yesterday, the US Mint and the US Dept of the treasury released a new gold coin commemorating the 225th anniversary of the mint.  This coin portrays Liberty as an African American Woman, and is a $100 Gold Coin.  Here is the press release for this beautiful coin: It is […]

Happy New Year Gold Sellers! (And Buyers!)

Gold is off to a good start this year.  Trading around 1155-1160.  Gold is up about 85$ per ounce from this time last year, so we are paying more now than we were this time last year!  We’re here to support gold sellers in the best possible ways.

Beach Gold Assay Will Have Modified Hours For the Christmas Holiday!

We will be closing at 3PM on Friday, December 23rd.

We will be closed on Saturday, December 24th.

We will be closed on Christmas Day.

We will be closed on Monday, December 26th.

We look forward to serving you back to normal hours on Tuesday, December 27th.

Gold Rally’s Mean More for your Gold Jewelry!

Here is an interesting article from earlier in the year – As gold goes up, so do prices paid for your gold items!  Heres hoping for that rally to continue into 2017! One of the most important things to take away from this is that prices are never set […]

Gold Coin Sales Up in 2016. Buy or Sell?

Attached is the chart of American Eagle Bullion Sales for this year.  Interestly, 985000 ounces of Gold Eagles were sold while over 37 million Silver Eagles were sold.  Silver eagle demand has apparently been very strong this year.  And only 20 thousand ounces of  platinum were sold!  Clearly the rarest […]

The Fed Raises Rates! What does it mean for Gold?

The FOMC “Fed” has decided to finally raise the base interest rate from .25 basis points to .75.  And Gold Remains resilient!  Mostly though, this was a planned and expected move by the fed after they have delayed raising rates many times.  And hence, this is currently built into gold […]

Gold Up Pending FOMC Outcome

Gold is up a little today awaiting the outcome of the FOMC Decisions.  Please see full story here:  

We are your gold buyer Chesapeake.

We Are Chesapeake’s’ Gold Buyer While we are located in Virginia Beach – Beach Gold Assay proudly serves all areas on the Southside and Peninsula.  We are worth the drive for the experience and the high payment you will receive for your items.