We Buy Gold Coins and Bullion

At Beach Gold Assay, we buy Gold Coins and Bullion every day. If you are not sure of what you have, we will check it for authenticity, rarity, and purity to make sure that you know what you have and can make an informed decision when selling. Please see below for a examples of what we buy. We buy all gold bullion and coins. We buy gold coins in any condition.

  • We buy Government Backed Bullion
    • American Gold Eagles (all sizes, all types)
    • South African Krugerrand
    • Canadian Maples
    • All World Bullion (Britannia, Panda, Philharmonic, and more.)
  • US Old Gold Pre-1933 Gold Coins
    • Double Eagles, Eagles, Half Eagles, Quarter Eagles, gold dollars, all denominations.
    • Liberty Head, Indian Head, Saint Gaudens, all varieties.
    • All are checked for rarity/key dates that may have more value.
  • World Old Gold Coins
    • Sovereigns, Roosters, Francs, etc. Gold Coins from Any Country.

  • Unknown / Previously Melted Gold / Self made Bullion

So in summary, we will purchase any gold coin or bullion out there as long as it can be identified. Coins will be checked for purity and rarity, in some cases the rarity of the coin will outpace its gold value. This also is true of certified gold coins and bullion – the grade matters and has a direct impact on the value of your coin. Just remember, we buy gold bullion every day, contact us soon!

This list is not all inclusive – we will purchase any custom gold coin, previous melted gold, world gold coins that are made. Bullion is one of our favorites parts of this business, and we are experts in our field. We will provide you the best quote with the highest level of customer service in mind.

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