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Sterling Flatware

If you are looking to sell your Sterling Silver flatware, you have come to the right place. Sterling silver flatware is 92.5% pure silver and its value can add up quickly. Sterling comes in many different patterns and types, we buy them all. If you are unsure if your item is sterling, please bring it in for an opinion.

Typical Sterling Marks – When Looking to sell silver flatware, this is most important!

The most typical mark for sterling silver is shown here. It is simply the word “Sterling”. Other marks includes “925/1000” or “925”.

Sterling Silver Mark Lion with Paw in Air
How to tell if its sterling?

This sterling mark is a Lion with its Right Paw in the air.

Other Valuable Silver Items

Sterling silver is one grade of silver (92.5%) that is the most widely used, but other countries and localities use many other different grades of silver – varying between 80% and 95% purity. For example coin silver is made from old 90% silver coins, hence it has a purity of 90% pure silver. Silver 835, 850, 833, and many others are alloys that can have significant value and we purchase them all.

Below are a bunch of the common marks we see. It is not every mark, but the vast majority of what we see and purchase have marks like these. A great resource is the website 925-1000.com for more information.

So in summary – because there are a lot of different types of silver and it can be tricky to tell good sterling silver from silver plated items. Also, please rest assured that we have all of the tools available to test your item if the marks are unclear. We can use the acid test and / or use our X-ray to understand the make up of the alloy. When you are looking to sell your silver flatware, stop in today for a quote!

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