We Buy All Precious Metal Items

We Buy anything with a detectable amount of precious metal in it. We have the tools to detect precious metals in alloys using our XRF (X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers). This allows us check items suspected to contain precious metals for the purity and content. We can detect Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and all of the base metals. An example of where this can be useful: You inherit some precious metals where someone has previous melted a bunch of older gold jewelry together. Since it has been melted/destroyed, you cannot tell the gold content with any level of accuracy without having it x-rayed. We test the metal and give an exact percentage of precious metal types and purity. To learn more about what we buy see the list here.

Our XRF Can test for all precious metal contents.

This can be used for verification of items, testing for plating, and determining the amount and type of precious metals in an alloy.

Typically these are used after an alloy has been melted to make the metal homogeneous inside and out – so what is on the surface is the same through out the entire object.

Once you are ready to test the metal you place it in the X-ray and it will report down to about 6-8 microns of depth into the metal. This will then report back the different metals present and the percentage of them in the test sample. From this a value can be obtained for the metal.

Destructive tests are not always required. In many cases we can test the surface of an item in multiple spots and get the purity this way. The results are generally very accurate this way.

So when we say we buy all precious metal items, we mean it, as we can detect them easily and accurately. We love educating our customers and making them happy. Stop by soon to learn more! To learn more about XRF technology, Click Here.

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