We Buy Sterling Holloware

We buy sterling holloware all of the time. Holloware is any item that is sterling silver, but not flatware or jewelry. Bowls, Trays, Candelabras, Tea and Coffee Sets. Anything marked Sterling or with other high content sterling marks is something that we purchase.

We Buy Sterling Bowls, Vases…

We buy sterling silver items, large and small. Monogrammed or not.

…Sterling Trays, Gravy Boats…

We Buy sterling cups, goblets, candy dishes, sculptures, artwork. Anything sterling!

…Coffee servers, Tea Servers…

Sets, individual pieces, damaged, any condition. No need to clean it up first!

…Candles/Candelabras, Anything Sterling.

We buy dresser sets, Compotes, even handbags. Bread trays, anything sterling silver!

So when it comes to sterling silver, we are experts. We can tell if your item is sterling vs silverplate in several different ways. Also, many of these items come in different grades of silver such as 900, 950, 800, 833. We can identify all of these for you. So if you are not sure about an item being sterling or not, we can help. The marks and purity differ by country, and sometimes even within a country. If the item is unmarked, we have the tools to determine the purity of the item.

One of the things to look for are the marks. We go into a lot of detail about those marks Here. Another great resource for looking at and understanding the marks on your silver items is found at 925-1000.com. They are an excellent resource to help you understand purity and location based marks. Also we do specialize in identification of the items as well. In general, there is not much collectible sterling silver out there as the silver values of the items out weigh the collectible value, but we also look at the rarity of the item. There are some patterns out there that are highly collectible.

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