We Buy Gold Jewelry

At Beach Gold Assay we buy gold jewelry as one of our primary lines of business. Condition of the item does not matter, although in some cases we can pay more for nicer jewelry that is ready for the resale market. If your piece is custom and not marked, we have all of the equipment and tests to determine the karat of the jewelry. The karat of the jewelry has a direct impact on the value of your jewelry.

8-24 Karat Jewelry – Any Condition

Broken / Damaged Gold Jewelry Any Condition

Gold Watch Bands and Bodies, including Pocket Watches

Unknown karat / unmarked jewelry.

When you buy gold jewelry, the karat does have a direct impact on the value of the item. It also matters when you sell, as 10k has a lower payout than 14k. The higher the karat of gold, the more gold per weight in the item. To explain – 24 karat is pure gold. If your item is marked 14k, this means that the metal is 14 parts out of 24 parts gold. This comes out to approximately 58.3% of the items mass being gold. Also – when you are selling gold, the price we pay is based on the prevailing price of gold on the spot market. Gold goes up? You get paid more for your jewelry. Current spot gold prices can be seen at kitco.com.

  • 8k = 33.3% Pure Gold
  • 9k = 37.5% Pure Gold
  • 10k = 41.7% Pure Gold
  • 12k = 50% Pure Gold (not to be confused with Gold Filled)
  • 14k = 58.3% Pure Gold
  • 16k = 66.6% Pure Gold
  • 18k = 75% Pure Gold
  • 21k = 87.5% Pure Gold
  • 22k = 91.6% Pure Gold
  • 24k = Pure Gold

Customer service is our first priority, and there is never any pressure to sell anything. We would prefer you come in and be educated and not sell, than to sell when you are not ready. We take the time to go through each item carefully and understand its value and pay you the most for it. We want every customer 100% satisfied when then come in to see us.

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