Is it Gold? We’ll let you know.

As your gold buyer, we can tell you what items are gold and what are not. We want to make sure that our customers know what is gold and what is not. Got a feeling it might be gold, but not sure? That is exactly what we are here for.

It really does go both ways. Many items that look gold are not, but many items that may look ugly or broken are gold. The condition does not matter, your gold buyer will buy gold in any condition, broken or not. As long as we can determine the gold content, we can give you a value for it.

And then there are the markings. Some items will be marked 14k and 18k, but are actually electroplated (marked EP, HGE, GE). Other items have had their markings warn off. Gold is gold! We can test items that are marked to determine the karat.

Then there are coins – is it a real gold coin or a copy/fake? As your gold buyer we have all the equipment to determine if the coin is legitimate or not. There is never any fee for checking your coins. This is the same with silver and platinum coins as well – we can test / identify coins using the following tests:

  • Specific Gravity testing
  • Electronic Testing (Sigma testing)
  • X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)
  • Standard Weight/Size/Magnet/Ring
  • Acid Testing (non-destructive, only used on high suspicion of fake)

In coins the purity does vary too – and its important to understand what they are. Many popular gold bullion coins weigh more than the precious metal they contain, that its because they are 91.67% pure. They contain 1 oz of gold, but also contain silver and copper to give it a different color and strength. This is the composition of the American Gold Eagle 1 oz coin as an example.

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