Coins to sell? Looking for places to sell coins? Try us!

We specialize in the purchase of coins.  No coin set is too big or too small!  Whether it be gold, silver or rare.  Certified Coins, (NGC and PCGS) are also our specialties!

We love reviewing coin set and educating you on what you have.  There is never any pressure to sell, we love just sitting down with you and going through you coins.  Feel free to walk in today!

Here is what we buy:

Older Silver Dollars (at a premium!) Trade Dollars, Morgan, and Peace Dollars.

1964 and before 90% US Coinage – Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars.  Barber and older, Franklin, Walking Liberty Halves, Barber, Mercury, and Roosevelt dimes.

1965-1969 40% Kennedy Halves

Foreign Gold and Silver Coinage.  Not sure what it is?  We can help!

Foreign and Domestic Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion coins! Silver Eagles, Canadian Maples, Pandas, and many many more.  Not sure what you have?  We can help!

Rare older coins.  Have pennies from the 1800s?  Error coins? Any coins of from the 1800s and earlier can be evaluated by us.  Either foreign or domestic!

Do you have a coin that you think may need to be graded?  We can give you our opinion of what to expect as far as increasing the value of your coin by having it certified.

Just keep in mind, older gold and silver will be evaluated from the rarity and the precious metal value perspective.  There are groups of coinage that may be traded more for their silver instead of the age.

So whenever you are ready to have us take a look at your coins, feel free to stop by!  Coinage are our passion, and whether or not we buy them we love eduating our customers on what they haave.

Here is our rare coinage cheat sheet (that always being improved) for your to reivew:

Always watch for gold and silver prices at Kitco!

Rare Coins

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