Gold Coin Sales Up in 2016. Buy or Sell?

Attached is the chart of American Eagle Bullion Sales for this year.  Interestly, 985000 ounces of Gold Eagles were sold while over 37 million Silver Eagles were sold.  Silver eagle demand has apparently been very strong this year.  And only 20 thousand ounces of  platinum were sold!  Clearly the rarest […]

The Fed Raises Rates! What does it mean for Gold?

The FOMC “Fed” has decided to finally raise the base interest rate from .25 basis points to .75.  And Gold Remains resilient!  Mostly though, this was a planned and expected move by the fed after they have delayed raising rates many times.  And hence, this is currently built into gold […]

Gold Up Pending FOMC Outcome

Gold is up a little today awaiting the outcome of the FOMC Decisions.  Please see full story here:  

We are your gold buyer Chesapeake.

We Are Chesapeake’s’ Gold Buyer While we are located in Virginia Beach – Beach Gold Assay proudly serves all areas on the Southside and Peninsula.  We are worth the drive for the experience and the high payment you will receive for your items.

Looking to Sell Gold, Jewerly, Silver or Coins? Now is a great time.

We are here for you for any precious metal products you are looking to sell – jewelry, coins, bullion!  We are all about a non-intimidating comfortable atmosphere.  We also pay extremely strongly for your precious metal goods and commodities. Please stop in today for quick no obligation offer for your […]

Gold and Silver are up even more now! Now paying even more!

Gold and Silver are up!  As of this writing, gold was at 1327 per ounce and silver is at 18.20!  The higher it goes, the more we pay.  Come on in to sell your gold and silver items!  We are the gold buyer paying the most in this area!

Gold is going up! And we’re paying more!

Gold is now up almost 250$ an ounce since the beginning of the year!  Silver is doing great too!  We love being able to pay more for precious metals when you are ready to sell.  Some of the payouts recently have been causing us to doubletake since gold has been […]

Wishing you a safe an enjoyable Memorial Day.  Special thanks to all of our Men and Women in uniform!

Beach Gold Assay will be closing at 1pm on Saturday and closed all day on Monday in observance of Memorial Day.  We’ll be back to serve you on Tuesday!  Stay Safe!