We Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

We buy sterling silver jewelry every day. While it is not as valuable as gold jewelry, it still does have value. Jewelry items that are sterling are typically marked with “925” or may simply say “Sterling” or “Ster” on them. In a lot of cases sterling silver jewelry is gold plated, we can buy that as well. If you are not sure what metal it is, we can help. There is a big difference in value between 14k white gold and Sterling Silver, and sterling gets confused with white gold quite often. We are here to help and let you know exactly what you have. More about marks can be found here:

We Buy Sterling Jewelry…

Ear rings, Necklaces, Rings, in any condition.

…Antique, Estate, all Jewelry.

Condition is not important, broken, damaged, is all fine.

Anything with Sterling Silver in it…

Flatware, Holloware, Anything with sterling silver, any condition.

We buy All Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Regardless of condition. We buy small and large quantities.

So while Sterling Silver Jewelry does not have as much value as gold jewelry, it does have value and those values can add up quickly. Sterling silver jewelry is 92.5% pure silver, with the remainder being a base metal. Copper typically makes up the remaining 7.5% and helps give the jewelry strength. Sterling has been a popular option for a very long time due to its high content of precious metal and its relative low cost. This has led to there being a lot of sterling jewelry manufactured. While one small piece may not have a lot of value, the more you have the more it adds up. Also, you would not believe how often people simply throw away broken or damaged jewelry. It is definitely not trash, it has value! We at Beach Gold Assay will buy any amount, in any condition. You can find more about Sterling Silver marks at 925-1000.com.

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