Looking to Sell Gold, Jewerly, Silver or Coins? Now is a great time.

We are here for you for any precious metal products you are looking to sell – jewelry, coins, bullion!  We are all about a non-intimidating comfortable atmosphere.  We also pay extremely strongly for your precious metal goods and commodities.

Please stop in today for quick no obligation offer for your goods.  We’re here to serve!

We purchase any items containing precious metals, and we pay the most for them!  Old Jewelry, New Jewelry, regardless of condition!  10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, or any other mix!

Bullion and Coins are one of our specialties.  Wheather its rare or not, we can identify coins that have more value for their rarity vs there precious metal content and advise you to their value.

And other products we look at are generic scrap gold, sterling silver flatware and other holloware items!  Anything that has a detectable amount of precious metal is something that we can make an offer for!  Gold, Silver, or Platinum!

We deal extensively in old coins such as Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars, Silver Eagles, and pre-1933 gold coins.

Graded coins are another extensive area of expertice for us!  We have all the resources required to look up your coins and give you top dollar for them.  We LOVE coins!

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