We want to be your Gold Buyer.

We Love Buying Gold.

Here at Beach Gold Assay we constantly strive to be the best gold buyer in the Hampton Roads area. We do this through customer service – making sure our customers are ready to make an educated decision when they are ready to sell gold. We believe that as a Gold Buyer we provide a valued service in the community, not just some store that deals with precious metals.

So rest assured, if we are allowed the opportunity to gain your business and your trust, we do not believe you will be disappointed. We’d rather a customer not sell and leave educated rather than sell and leave feeling uneasy about the transaction.  We explain why different types of gold pay more as well as which items may be candidates for resale vs recycling.  We explain the difference between coins, bullion, and how the purities of coins vary.  We will even advise you when there are better options for your item if it is not something we typically purchase.

Later this year we will be marking our 5 year anniversary – something we feel establishes us as a major player among Hampton Roads precious metal dealers. And we are only improving as we continue to grow and learn – learning and improving your business is something we believe never ends and will lead you to the #1 spot.

Cash for gold, Gold buyers, Precious metal dealers, doesn’t matter what you call us.  All places that advertise this provide payment for precious metals in some way.  What you are really looking for is a place that operates with customer service in mind first and foremost.  So when thinking of Gold Buyers – Beach Gold Assay will be here to provide you provide you stellar service through education and high payout prices each and every time.

To see what we purchase please see:  What We Buy:  https://beachgoldassay.com/what-do-we-buy/

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